Tuition & Fees

Framingham State's Tuition and Fees

Day Division Tuition

TypeUndergraduate TuitionGraduate Tuition
In-State$162 (per course credit)$280 (per course credit)
Out-of-State$1,175 (per course credit)$1,175 (per course credit)
NEBHE$243 (per course credit)$419 (per course credit)
International (F-1 Visa)$1,175 (per course credit)$1,175 (per course credit)

Day Division Fees

University Fees$1,746 (per course credit)
Health Center Fee$42.50 (per term)
Library Fee$50 (per term)


  • Day Division students do not get charged for more than 3 full-time courses (or 12 credit hours) per semester.
  • Any charges are subject to change without notice.
  • Please note that only U.S. Citizens, individuals with Legal Immigrant Status, or individuals with approved Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) & Employment Authorization are eligible to be considered for In-State Tuition.

Miscellaneous Fees

International Fee [Graduate]$1,350 (per term)
Graduation Fee [Undergraduate/Graduate]

$100 (upon applying to graduate)

Art Studio Fee [Undergraduate/Graduate]$25 (per art studio course)
Biology Lab Fee [Undergraduate/Graduate]$35 (per biology lab course)
Chemistry Lab Fee [Undergraduate/Graduate]$38 (per chemistry lab course)

Continuing Education/DGCE:

ProgramTuitionFeesTotal Cost
Undergraduates$754$506$1,260 (per course credit)
Graduates [Excludes MBA, MSN, PSM]$884$506$1,390 (per course credit)
Graduates [MBA, MSN, PSM]$1,084$506$1,590 (per course credit)

Regular Course Audit [DGCE]:  $1,000

Senior Citizen Course Audit [DGCE]:  $350

Senior Citizen Course Audit [Day Division]:  $240

Annual Health Insurance Plan:  $3,779.00

Annual Coverage:  August 1, 2023 - July 31, 2024

Spring-Only Plan:  $2,206.50

Spring Coverage:  January 1, 2024 - July 31, 2024

Please note:  Spring-only plans are reserved for students who are new to FSU in the Spring term, or who are newly full-time.

Have more questions about the health insurance?  Visit the FAQ's page!

Dorms - Per Semester


Standard Rooms


Linsley Hall Suites


West Hall (Double)

Miles Bibb (Double)


West Hall (Single)

Miles Bibb (Single/Suite)

Double-as-Single Premium - $1,500 Per Semester (additional)

Design Single Premium - $300 Per Semester (additional)

Meal Plans - Per Semester

Plans for All Students:

Value19 Swipes/Week + 10 Guest Passes


Value Plus19 Swipes/Week + 100 DD/Term + 10 Guest Passes$2,280
Premier14 Swipes/Week + 150 DD/Term + 10 Guest Passes$2,310
UltimateUnlimited Swipes + $100 DD/Term + 10 Guest Passes$2,465
Senior 7 7 Swipes/Week & $500 DD/Term (Senior Students Only)$2,310

Plans for Students Living Off Campus:

Block 2525 Swipes/Term$250
Block 25 Plus25 Swipes/Term + $50 DD/Term$290
Block 5050 Swipes/Term$490
Block 50 Plus50 Swipes/Term + $100 DD/Term$580
All Flex500 DD/Term$500

DD = Dining Dollars (expire at the end of each semester

Unused balances are non-refundable